CASE STUDY – Kenya Red Cross

Creating a platform to inspire and inform our youth.

Creating an impactful youth brand whose first platform would be an interactive TV Channel.

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Brand Audit & Strategy

ARK was approached by the Kenya Red Cross to create an impactful youth brand whose first platform would be a TV Channel.

We began by carrying out an audit to fully immerse ourselves in the world of Kenya’s youth and to gain a complete understanding of the media and entertainment space. The insights we gained guided our strategy for the brand, and helped define it’s positioning as a young, energetic, and dynamic channel that connects with and inspires our youth.

Brand Creation


Guided by our strategy we developed a name for the brand that would inspire positive thinking and allow the brand to grow throughout the continent. We wanted a brand name that timeless and connected beautifully with our audience, a name that was memorable, playful, and respectable


The graphic idea for SwitchTV is derived from a circle, a simple yet powerful shape that embodies the essence of our brand. It allows us to do a lot with very little, to inspire creativity using a timeless icon that we are surrounded by daily.

We developed a colour system for the brand that reflected the vibrant energy of our youth and the world around us. The brand’s identity can appear in any one of its 7 primary colours.

Design System

Once we’d created the key brand elements for SwitchTV we developed the design system for the brand by extending our key graphic idea for use in different on-screen applications. Colour is a large part of the SwitchTV identity and we extended the use of the vibrant colour system in our on-screen and off-screen applications.

Channel Ident

Built on our simple circle idea, we developed a number of channel idents for the launch.

Station Bug & Ratings Graphic Elements
Lower Thirds

Extended Brand Applications

Beyond the TV Screen, we developed a number of extended applications in the studio space layout, website design, stationery, merchandise, internal communication & graphics.

Switch TV is now one of the leading TV stations and youth platforms in East Africa.