CASE STUDY – Standard Chartered Bank

A centenary in Kenya.

Celebrating 100 years in Kenya with a year-long nationwide integrated campaign.

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2010 - 2011

A long long time ago…

The morning of 11th January 1911 is the date when the sisal ribbons were cut using a 17th century Portuguese sword, and oak doors to their Treasury Square Mombasa branch were opened to the public. Many more refined ribbons and open doors later, StanChart has become one of the most profitable financial institutions in Kenya. From being housed in mud houses in Eldoret in 1914, very ‘secure’ tents in Kabarnet in 1989, to today’s 2.3 billion complex in Westlands, StanChart has been there, done that.

In early 2010, we were approached by the Standard Chartered Bank Corporate Affairs Office to submit a proposal for their 100 year celebration in 2011. Their first branch in Kenya was opened on the 11th of January in 1911.

Brand Creation

Identity Design

One of the required items was a 100 year celebration mark that would be used on all their printed materials for 2011.

Standard Chartered is a global brand, they already have very extensive guidelines that are used in 69 countries around the world. Once we were awarded the contract, we spent a considerable amount of time studying those guidelines to ensure that we produced a mark that was in keeping their brand.

This was a different approach for us, as we usually get to create and define the brand guidelines for others. It was a welcomed and refreshing change. We liaised with their global brand management team, and after a few drafts, settled on this mark.

Subsequently, we extended the mark’s application the Bank’s mainstream communication and collateral.

Integrated Campaign

When Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) first approached us to come up with a campaign strategy for this, we were surprised. 100 Years in Kenya. Not a small matter. It had to be big, it had to be classy, it had to leave a mark.
So we did the usual. Stopped by our favourite restaurant for some injera, shiro wot, lamb tis, doro wot, etc. We always stuff ourselves silly when we go there. When we get back to the office we play a game of Call of Duty. Can’t do much else on a full stomach, plus everyone gets a fair chance to shoot the guy who had the audacity to think the last bite was theirs! Mannerless!
OK, moving on.

Rationale and Strategy

A unified campaign, combining the “Here for good” campaign with the 100 years celebration, offering relevance and freshness. It would be a year long campaign with several key events, activities and communication phases, addressing different sub-themes and catering for various target groups. We would leverage on the “business as usual” events to highlight activities that point to their strengths. The nationwide campaign would involve all branches and present across media spectrum.

Campaign Theme and Phases

The campaign would be split into 3 themed quarters throughout 2011. Each of these phases would feature advertising, a documentary, events and promotions all tied in to the theme under which they fall.

In addition, a complete website (, a mobile and social media platform would be built to serve as a unifying convergent point for the campaigns and their various interactive segments.

Press & Outdoor Campaign

We needed to show that StanChart has been part of Kenya since the days it was part of British East Africa, so we picked Kenya’s greatest moments in history and incorporated them into the communication.

Internationally, Kenya’s history can easily be mapped using our world-beating achievements in athletics. That is why we chose to carry the StanChart flag high and infuse patriotism using the Kipchoge Keino execution.

We chose to get straight to the point with the billboards and dropped the body copy because of the little eyeball time billboards have. Our messaging showcased the key moments in Kenya’s history with the message “We were there” targeting the general public.

In-branch Goodness

Customers would receive special treatment during launch week. Free coffee and snacks would be sever all week long, first transactions at the teller would walk away with token gifts (branded, t-shirts, hats and notebooks).

We also developed this video to showcase the bank’s history and progression over the last century.


The campaign website would launch with an interactive timeline highlighting key event sin kenya and SCBs past 100-year history. It will show the SCB has played a vital part in Kenya’s economic development, in all relevant sectors. In addition to featuring the the documentary, the timeline would also be used in select bank branch lobby branding.

The documentary and timeline would be accompanied by a the Treasure Hunt campaign to engage a larger public audience. The campaign would run on radio as it’s the most far reaching media outlet, in the press and online through the campaign website and social media, with prizes to be won daily. Participants would also have the option to subscribe via SMS to receive the clues.

The website would serve as a source and support for entire year’s campaign celebration events, including links to Bank’s Core Services.

More Wonderful Stories

Having a good personal relationship means looking out for each others’ interests. And remembering important days like birthdays and anniversaries. It’s no different in business. Standard Chartered’s relationship with United Millers is a valued one and when United Millers were launching some new products and celebrating over thirty years of existence, we were called to do a congratulatory ad.

Sharp Bike Brakes

As we were cycling out of the office that evening, the client called us in a bit of a panic. Nation had reserved a half-page vertical layout instead of the landscape orientation we’d designed the ad in. If the ad wasn’t done to their specs, there would be no ad in the following day’s paper. We quickly rode back, and with our helmets still on our heads, resized the ad layouts.

These sharp bike brakes came in handy numerous times, for announcements, parties, branch openings, and many other occasions to mark this special year.