CASE STUDY – Nairobi Street Kitchen

Where Nairobi meets the world.

In 2019 we began the journey to revolutionise the landscape of food and culture in Nairobi. A Brand Strategy to articulate who and what the Nairobi Street Kitchen is and a communication strategy to convey this to the public.

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2019 - 2021

When we embarked on this project the founder’s ambition was clear. To become a hub of Nairobi’s creative energy and to be a culinary landmark in the region. They wanted to embody all the things that made Nairobi of the best cities in the world; all while offering 11 different food concepts showcasing food culture from all corners of the globe.

Brand Positioning

Brand Strategy

To position the brand and articulate the brand strategy we conducted a series of workshops with various vision leaders within the company. The objective was to help them clearly define the heart of the offering. In addition we simultaneously completed an investigation of the world of food retail and marketplaces to help position the company.

Brand Story

After we developed the Brand’s Positioning Strategy, we crafted a Brand Story for the company rooted around the main character of Westland’s famous Fig Tree, a remarkable icon that’s stood the test of time as Nairobi changes around it.

Brand Identity

The existing identity did not align with their vision of capturing the beauty of everyday Nairobi Streets. With this in mind we saw an opportunity to dial in an iconic feature of our city’s landscape.

Like most streets, there’s a little chaos here and there. Nairobi’s streets take this fact and lead by example. We brought that wonkiness into the identity as well. Including a slight rotation in the word street and a subtle wobble in the outlines helped achieve this coherence. Wonky wobble – isn’t our profession just delightful!?

A brand identity system that’s adaptive in colour, form and abbreviation to lend itself to all sub-brands and references.

Communication Design

Brand Expressions

After establishing the Brand Positioning and Identity we began to extend it to various touch points in environmental graphics, invitations, and other instances that customers would see and experience the brand through.


Finally we went about doing the very exciting work of introducing the world to this truly remarkable brand.

Digital Marketing

Our public-facing campaign would be led by digital and social media channels.