CASE STUDY – National Olympic Committee, Kenya

Championing Kenya’s sporting image.

Kenya's success at the Olympics has been no small feat. Developing a complete toolkit and identity system for Kenya's National Olympic and Sporting brand.

Brand Identity SystemBrand ArchitectureBrand Toolkits

In 2019, well before the (then) scheduled Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK) approached us to help them unify their identity and create cohesion amongst the numerous team sports, uniforms, official communication and public-facing elements. This has been an honour for us, to build on this opportunity and propel Kenya’s national sporting brand and global image.

The Lap of Honour

Brand Architecture

One of the most endearing images of Kenya in sporting events is the athlete taking a lap of honour with the Kenyan flag after a win. This had been captured beautifully in the original pictorial. We worked to refine this stylised mark for optical balance, and developed two identities and naming systems.

NOCK Kenya Brand

The first identity is for official use by NOCK in the Olympics, which follows strict IOC standards and the usage of the Olympic rings.

Team Kenya Brand

The second brand identity developed was for Kenya’s sporting teams and use with fans and the general public. This needed to be applicable for Olympic teams, but also used by teams and events outside the Olympic games.

Identity System & Toolkits

We developed a comprehensive brandbook to help entrench key brand values and ethos, maintaining the integrity of the NOCK brand for increased recognition while ensuring consistency in all aspects of usage.

Designing a comprehensive set of icons was always on the cards, and something we took great joy in developing.

Other brand instances such as media walls, photography guidelines and merchandise were developed.