CASE STUDY – Britam Tower

Redefining Nairobi’s skyline.

Developing a positioning strategy and creating brand touch-points in identity, marketing & communication and signage & wayfinding.

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In mid 2016, ARK partnered with Britam Holdings to create a brand for its flagship development, Britam Tower. This iconic landmark standing tall in Nairobi’s skyline is a state-of-the-art, modern, commercial office building, designed to international standards.

Brand Positioning


Britam Tower is a Grade-A 31 storey landmark in Nairobi’s skyline, and currently stands as Kenya’s tallest building and the 3rd tallest in Africa. We began with an audit of the building itself, and the context of its strategic positioning both geographically and economically.


Guided by our research findings, we developed a brand strategy that would differentiate and attractively position the Tower, ensuring optimisation of the investment. Here, we defined the brand essence and positioning.

Identity & Communication

Brand Identity

The Britam Tower brand identity is inspired by the building’s modern architecture. Its elements are derived from the building’s macro and micro design features.

Based on its context and application, the Britam Tower identity can be displayed in numerous mediums. The secondary identity (right) is made available for use as an icon, in small low-fidelity renders.

Digital & Print Communication Design

Print and digital communication used to showcase the building’s modern features and spaces.

Signage and Wayfinding

Our signage and way-finding process began with a thorough understanding of the site plans, the building’s engineering systems, audience mapping, and anticipated traffic types & their circulation flows. We then defined internal and external sign-types supported by the overall identifier, directional and regulatory signage.

Britam Tower’s signage is designed to minimalist principles and sensibilities, using functional semiotics to reduce graphic noise whilst increasing legibility & comprehensibility.