CASE STUDY – Beacon Power Services

Harnessing Data to Improve Energy Access and Efficiency

Designing an enhanced user-experience, platform interface and information design system of a utility management dashboard system.

User-Interface DesignUser-Experience DesignInformation DesignProduct DesignUXUI

The Broader Perspective


Since 2010, Nigerian-based Beacon Power Services has stood out as one of the few African companies providing software solutions to electric utility companies across West Africa. Utilities in Africa face a lot of revenue losses due to lack of proper management. BPS seeks to curb these losses through software products like ADORA, which has the ability to monitor the energy grid in real time.

Creating Efficiency


In Nigeria, up to 60% of energy that is pumped into the grid is lost due to ATC&C losses. The goal of ADORA is to reduce these losses by allowing utility distribution companies to manage their network more efficiently, aggregate metre data, manage and optimise field team deployment and incorporate machine learning algorithms to help identify likelihood of metre tampering/bypass.

Product Design

UX, UI and Information Design

ADORA leverages machine learning and data analytics to provide real-time visibility on technical and non-technical losses in an electric distribution grid, empowering utilities to adopt a data-driven approach to optimizing grid efficiency.

To allow users to see the big picture and the little details too, the ADORA user-experience needed to be intuative, and present large sets of complex data in clear and informative ways. We set out to design the product interface using strategically applied principles of UX and information design, to afford users the ability to use the platform to its full potential and enable quick decision making.