Raising the bar.

Creating a brand and vibe for Mombasa'a newest upscale lounge and bar.

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Mombasa, its mention conjures up ocean, sun and easy fun. Our client had secured a prime location for an upscale lounge bar and engaged with us to create the coast’s newest and hottest entertainment spot.

Brand Strategy

Positioning Mix

Cognisant of the opportunity for an upscale but approachable setting, our client wanted to provide a place for business travellers, tourists and inhabitants alike. Our research indicated that the sophisticated guest was exposed and knew what they wanted. This brand would meet guests’ needs through its look and feel, entertainment and array of international drinks.

Brand Positioning Blueprint

Our blueprint was built on a standard of experiences that we wanted guests to associate with the brand, and went further to inspire the identity we created.

Brand Creation


We desired an evocative name. We wanted a brand that not only walked the walk but also talked the talk. In other words, it needed to sound as upscale and approachable as it would look and feel. We tested a few names and at first none seem to fit. On reverting to basics, Anuba came to mind and stuck. Its trisyllable composite lends it to simple pronunciation and ease of recall.

Anuba’s spelling is intentionally abstract to give the brand an edge and allow its protection.

Brand Identity

Space Design

Applied to interior and exterior spaces, the pattern sets the mood and gives Anuba that visual wow factor.

We extended the brand’s design system to incorporate a unique photography style. Light daubs beyond the focal range were made to appear as glowing triangles. This triangular bokeh effect is achieved using triangular stencil filters masking the lens.

The versatility of the brand’s extension elements are a design dream come true.

Digital & Communication