Move National Public Holidays in Kenya to Mondays


October 26, 2018

Public Holidays in Kenya are national (Madaraka, Mashujaa and Jamhuri) or global and religious (New Year’s, Christmas and Idd).

The Idea

For any national holiday that falls on a day other than Monday, observe the public holiday on the next Monday.

Kenya’s own national holidays would be set to Mondays, while New Year’s, Labour and religious holidays such as Christmas and Idd wouldn’t apply as they’re set by global and astrological calendars.

What this does.

  • A rested nation: A long 3-day weekend to relax and unwind.
  • A more productive workforce: Less disruption and momentum lost when public holidays land mid-week. Plus, who’d want Monday blues twice in a week?
  • Boost to county economies through travel and local tourism: Longer 3-day breaks encourage people to travel further and spend more.

It’s that simple.

Who else is doing this?

Many commonwealth nations, such as the UK, Australia, and Canada intentionally set their national holidays to fall on Mondays, called Bank Holiday Mondays.

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