Our client is a specialist marketing consulting that leverages understanding of markets across Africa to drive growth for companies using the tools of strategy development & planning, branding & marketing. ARK was approached to design a world class space for a co-working community as they enter the blossoming market in Nairobi.

Environmental Design


We conducted in-depth workshops with our client to determine what their business needs and aesthetic tastes. A brief global benchmarking exercise gave insight into where the future of coworking spaces is headed and how this space could push the boundaries of what currently exists.


Designing the perfect space design was an exercise in balance. Striking the perfect balance between the number of members that could be accommodated while retaining an open, airy feel. Creating plentiful shared spaces including hot desks and conferencing while allowing for private offices to serve clients looking for more dedicated space.

The space was also designed with environmental factors such as flow of foot traffic, light flow and sound

Creative Direction

The idea for the interior design and space plan was inspired by the principles of the De Stijl movement which emphasises strong horizontal and vertical lines

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Brand Creation

Brand Name

The name Lattice was chosen to reflect the pattern present in our interior but also the intellectual community we aimed to create. In chemistry lattice energy is the energy created when particles are assembled in a particular arrangement. We saw the space as creating a similar energy by bringing together Nairobi’s greatest minds.

Brand Identity

The logo extends the De Stijl theme that was applied to the space design. Relying on the ideas of proportion and using horizontal and vertical lines to create an identity that communicates style and balance.