KawiSafi Ventures is a high-impact fund that invests in companies that provide renewable off-grid energy; a faster, cheaper, and cleaner way to bring power to communities that have no access to the grid. Based in Nairobi the fund is poised to expand in to East and sub-Saharan Africa. The KawiSafi team approached ARK to redesign their identity to better position them for future growth.


Following a creative and strategic study we noted a few opportunities to improve the brands identity and bring forth the innovative, impactful and enterprising character of the fund.

We designed a vibrant, dynamic, new-age, and approachable logo. Fitting for a brand that aims to deliver clean, and affordable energy to millions.

Our design identity is inspired by the square grid on solar panels. The shapes, colours, and typography from our brand identity come together to create a unique design system that can be applied to our brand communication.

Our iconography brings together the vibrant colours from our logo to create a unique pictographic system for the brand.

Brand Communication

We designed some collateral for the brand expanding on our unique identity to create stationery, presentation templates, and their website.