CASE STUDY – Twiga Foods

Soko Yetu

Rebranding Twiga with a refreshed brand identity system, and connecting with customers and investors through storytelling.

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Twiga Foods is a startup that created a marketplace to connect farmers and produce vendors across Kenya. They approached ARK to refine Twiga’s brand identity, digital strategy and website design in order to create better alignment between their brand objectives and their online presence.


Identity System

We reworked the brand identity to improve the way it functions and represents the brand. We retained the iconic giraffe making a few minor tweaks to give the logo better balance while ensuring it would render clearly on small screens. We also enhanced the unique connected typographic style making it more legible and iconic, and updated the colours of the identity to improve its contrast and readability.

The unique logotype we created is the key identifier for the brand’s corporate audience.

Visual Design Language

This project provided us with the opportunity to bring life to different touch points with colourful iconography, illustrations and, infographics. We extended the brand’s colour system to include a secondary palette for illustrations and iconography. The palette includes unique swatches for their farmer and vendor audiences, making it easier for them to identify which communication material is specific to their needs.

We created a ‘Twiga world’ illustration to depict the marketplace.

Next, we developed a full suite of icons for all product categories listed.

Content & Storytelling

To communicate Twiga’s vision and impact we used a variety of storytelling tools. In addition to the infographics and illustrations we created we also used photography and video to take viewers inside the world of farmers and vendors.

Our photography took us to different parts of the country to capture the stories at the farms, as well as the vendors in the cities.

Communication Design

To create a deep alignment with the reimagined identity we redesigned Twiga’s website –
This allowed us to combine all the identity and storytelling elements to connect with Twiga’s audience and deliver a useful and immersive experience.