CASE STUDY – Abony Dairies

A taste of heaven.

Creating the brand identity system for the premium Abony dairy brand.

Brand StrategyIdentity & Design SystemPackaging & Retail

Ultramodern Dairy

Nested between the lush highlands of the Western Aberdare’s and the majestic Mount Kenya, is home to a Holstein-Freisian herd that produces some of the creamiest wholesome milk in the highlands of Kenya. The herd is born and bred from a pedigree stock cattle with none to match, countrywide.

From birth, the calfs are named to follow their lineage, pampered and fed on whole grain feeds mixed with naturally occurring sugars and salts. They grow to become some of the finest dairy cattle in the land, each able to produce an average of 40 litres of quality, luscious, wholesome milk on a given day. This is what marks the genesis of the international Abony brand of quality dairy products.

Brand Identity

We created the brand identity system for the premium Abony dairy brand.

Crafted letter forms were designed to honour the well-established heritage, yet remain young and light-hearted. The wordmark’s typeforms were also balanced to represent the wholesome richness found in high quality dairy products, while maintaining versatility for an extended like of products.

Premium Yoghurt

Abony yoghurt is amongst the finest forms of decadence in the world, made from all-natural ingredients. This deserved a retail strategy and packaging designed to match its positioning.