Connecting Spaces

Jacaranda Hotels


Jacaranda Hotels was rebranding the once popular Pizza Garden and wanted a compelling strategy-led brand that would offer guests something fresh and exciting.

Audit & Strategy


The project kicked off with an assessment of  the brand’s would-be context. Knowing how to position and differentiate this brand required an understanding of our target audiences’ alternatives based on proximity, offerings and pricing. Once we identified the opportunities available, we proceeded to understand how we could leverage them to achieve internal objectives. 

The Space

Designed as a multi-concept venue, the new set-up comprises of a bar, garden restaurant, meeting rooms and cafe.

The space design allows guests to enjoy a different vibe given their locus. This diversity in vibe, offerings, and services within each space effects that disparate audience types would visit, at various times.

We undertook an analysis of the spaces in day-parts to understanding who would be using them, what for, and when. The findings would inform the brand experience design and future communication messaging.

operating hours, function and user-activity according to the spaces.

Brand Creation

Inspired by the venue concept, heritage, location and green space we developed a new name and identity for the brand.


The new identity bears some elements of the old Pizza Garden name. Its script style font mimics vines intertwining, while the leaf graphically represents the garden concept. As food lovers, we like to think that the identity’s circular enclosure is emblematic of a pizza.

We extended the identity using a floral pattern that blooms in concentric circles. It subliminally connects to the name by suggesting convergence (of people, food, arts and nature).


The venue’s previous name, Pizza Garden, was simple, descriptive and catchy. However, the audit phase concluded that the vision for this new brand required a fresh name and face to best achieve its set objectives.

The Node was conceived. A multifaceted great fit, both in the literal and metaphorical sense.

Metaphorically, it alludes to the centricity of its location (Westlands, Nairobi), and positions the venue as a place for guests to meet and connect with their interests (coffee, food, sports, career, fine-dining etc.) and other people.

Botanically, the node is part of the plant system from which new leaves emerge. This reinforced the fresh and green space associations that we desired for the brand.

Brand Architecture

brand architecture

Each space offers something different and naturally, we thought they deserved to also be distinguishable by name. The bar would be the only “non family-friendly” space. This required a further degree of distinction. We gave it both a name and an identity.

Fluid in its connection to the parent brand, the name Sap was derived from the plant system nomenclature. Sap’s identity took on a Prussian blue as its brand colour to depict the nightlife and its executive positioning.


Internal Brand Alignment

Prior to launch, we held a brand-orientation day.  All staff, including service and management, gathered for an interactive workshop to marry the team spirit with the brand spirit. They got to: know about the brand and the idea behind it, understand their roles in building it and even contribute towards ideas of shaping the brand image. We were sure to incorporate lots of play through team building games and fun activities.

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