At Home in Abuja

Nordic Villa


Abuja, Nigeria hosts numerous conferences across the year. This creates a big opportunity for the hospitality industry. The Nordic Villa is a Scandinavian style boutique hotel with a home away from home feel, located just 10 minutes from Abuja’s city centre.

The proprietors needed an identity system that could be extended to their other entities, while remaining true to their Scandinavian and minimalist roots.

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We kept the rebrand simple. Borrowing some elements from its predecessor, the new identity is bolder and takes on a more charming tone. 

New Logo

Brand Architecture

Our new identity was adopted for use by other establishments under Nordic Villa’s umbrella.


The design would be adapted to ensure consistency across all touch points.

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The identity’s northern facing arrow lent itself well to the signage and wayfinding.

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The warm and homely setting of the rooms and hotel was captured for use on various communication materials.

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We developed and designed an appealing and easy to navigate website, transcending the brand experience online.

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