PSI wanted to create a new programme (ACTWatch) that would become the trusted name in driving macro and country-specific policy for malaria medicines globally, using evidence-based approach.

They were seeking to establish a strong online presence for a new programme that was clearly aligned with its intended audience of global health professionals, grant-makers and health policy works. The programme would have 8 country-based teams that were to design their research tools, then post and analyse the results collaboratively online.

Brand Identity

The new program required the establishment of a new brand identity and language, that was clear and succinct, to cut through the clutter and communicate a professional and trustworthy programme.

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Website Development

The entire programme would be run online, to enable collaboration with health professionals in developing countries with very slow internet speeds.

An optimised information design allowed what had initially been labeled a “complex web portal” to launch with three alliterated main navigation sections (Resources, Research and Results), which also neatly followed the programme’s evidence-based process as part of the simplified brand language.

To encapsulate the excellence in professionalism and commitment demonstrated in the programme’s field work, we created several function-based tools that would feature throughout the website.


World’s 1st Online Malaria Drug Database

As a strategy to attract attention, traffic and give credibility to the website, we created a high-quality, comprehensive database of anti-malaria drugs (the only one online at the time). This greatly improved search engine rankings based on relevance, and “certified” the website and the brand as the go-to place for quality information on antimalarials.



ACTwatch is at the forefront of the global fight against Malaria. The online platform provides evidence-based intelligence to policy makers, by gathering research information from different countries on anti-malarial activities, making it an effective resource for monitoring the effects and impacts of Malaria policies and interventions.