Rolling out the Java rebrand in late 2015, we were keen to tell the love story of Java with its guests, and Kenya as a whole.

It was the first time that the brand had advertised. Our approach was to connect with the audience in an authentic and home-grown manner – as per the brand’s values.

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Campaign Idea

Our thinking was inspired by the brand’s pride in its African heritage.

Food is love: we welcome guests with food, we cook our loved ones a tasty meal, we celebrate occasions with a buffet of delicacies.

The intent behind Java’s rapid expansion is to take the experience that guests love, closer to them.  This vision led to the creation of Love is Here.

It signifies the brand’s physical presence as it opens more branches. It also speaks of the brand’s dedication to: great food & service, its guests, staff and other stakeholders.


The Love is Here campaign ran between October and December 2015 across TV, radio, print, outdoor and social media.


Our intent was to create a few moments of calm within the typically loud and high-tempo ad sequence.

Behind the scenes


We took the opportunity to say a sincere “thank you” to loyal guests who supported Java over the years.


The love was spread across select magazines.


We made a big display of it across town.

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Social Media

Using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, guests were given the opportunity to engage with the brand and campaign.


In-house Experience

An appetite for love was whetted when it came to products and service too. We recommended that the traditionally circular biscotti be heart shaped, to keep the theme going.

double the love: heart shaped biscottis and coffee art

Java Wave

Love is also about surprises. Java Wave was a concurrent campaign where specific branch-led promotions would be announced on the day of, offering guests various tasty deals.

Staff On-boarding

Those behind the Java brand needed to ‘feel the love’ before they could ‘spread the love’. Hence, the campaign kicked off with an internal love affair – headlined by Sauti Sol.

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