Rupu was a Kenyan e-commerce platform that, until recently, connected service users with merchants by offering discounts on activities, travel, goods and services.

ARK would launch Rupu into the market, introducing deals and online shopping as a normal part of how people purchase goods and services.

The Idea

Every advertiser sets out to, 1) have their advert be memorable,  2) see the sales of their client’s  product increase as a result of the said advertising. Question is, how do you achieve this?

The Green November campaign was planned to launch in time for the 2013 festive season, offering Rupu customers irresistible deals daily. Ideas were exchanged and a marketing strategy was decided upon.

We adopted a humorous  approach. The Rupu Guy was created, a character who keeps putting himself in socially awkward yet funny situations – all because the Rupu deals are too good to resist. The life of this character would last long beyond the campaign, embodying a relatable visual representation of the brand personality. An old adage goes, have fun to make fun. Okay, we made that up but essentially what we’re saying is that you have to be authentic or else the audience will see straight through it. We had to put the Rupu character in actual awkward but genuine situations.



Day one of the shoot was at a pool location where there was an actual swimming class being conducted. There was splashing, lots of pool-water drinking and floaters (not that kind, the kind that help kids swim). While the advert did nothing to debunk the myth that black people can’t swim, it did a good job of selling Rupu’s deals on swimming classes in all of 16 seconds.

A favourite with the public was the waxing ad. It was also our favourite to shoot.


Blogger Moses Kemibaro declared it the “cleverest” among competitors’ adverts, attributed to “slapstick humour that anyone can get…short and to the point.” To our delight KOT’s concurred.

This digital platform brand naturally demanded digital engagement. In 2003, the Kenyan television airwaves and twitter sphere were buzzing with a reality dating show called Tujuane. We took advantage of the publics’ engagement with the show and created spoof clips of the most popular episodes.

Digital Experience

UX and UI

Once they saw the ads, we needed to ensure that customers had a pleasant experience of the site. We carried out an audit of the old site, reviewing its usability.  We then developed an improved mobile and desktop information architecture, it would intuitively enable the website’s visitors to easily understand the site’s ‘surroundings’ and find what they were looking for. This was followed by the user interface design, bringing the brand’s visual aspect to life.

Creative Thinking

For us the key behind a successful advertising campaign isn’t just a focus on increasing immediate sales, rather the wider vision of the overall brand. It has to strategically led for it to truly hit home, again and again.

Campaign Impact

Green November surpassed its target, resulting in sales increasing by over 4x. Sign ups to Rupu also leaped to ~10,000 members. All in all, Christmas came early for everyone.