Land ownership bears high cultural significance and a means to prosperity for many Kenyans. Embarking on the land-buying process can, however, be tedious, frustrating and even regrettable: filled with bureaucracy. Goshen Acquisitions saw the need to offer buyers and investors the means to counter this. They would provide lucrative opportunities, and do so in a principled, savvy and strategic manner.

ARK would help Goshen to develop a brand strategy, create an identity system and design effective communications.


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Brand Strategy & Positioning

Nairobi real estate is prime and therefore inaccessible to the majority, whereas land in frontier areas is slow to gain significant returns. Goshen Acquisitions found a sweet spot that offered buyers and investors alike, opportune high returns.  Along with the bread and butter values of quality and trust, these savvy and strategic qualities were integrated into the brand strategy and positioning that we developed.




Goshen Acquisitions already had an identity that suited it well.  We touched it up slightly to better align with the developed strategy, giving it a cleaner and bolder look.

Goshen Acquisitions Identity



We then developed a bold, promising tagline that captures the essence of the brand, and instills buyer and investor confidence.


Brand Architecture

During our discovery and distilling phase of the project, we realised the gravity of disparity between investor needs and wants, and that of buyers. To better meet the needs and wants of each, we developed a sub-brand.


As the parent brand, Goshen Acquisitions’ corporate nature better addressed the investor clientele. The Grand Acres sub-brand offered the flexibility to be more accessible and dynamic – as per the needs of the public.

The Brand Ecosystem.



We came up with different communication tools for the two brands to ensure consistency across all brand touchpoints.

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The narration of Goshen Acquisitions’ genesis and vision was inspiring and had a lot to say about what drives the people behind the brand. We thought this backstory should become a brand story. Creatively written, it would bring the brand home for the audience by connecting with the emotions often experienced when making a major investment or purchase, such as real estate.


We developed and designed the Goshen Acquisitions and Grand Acres websites. The executed styling, imagery and iconography were intentionally designed to visually communicate the brands in beautiful form and function.

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