In 2014, a joint venture between Acorn Group and Britam sought to develop one of Africa’s most ambitious integrated developments, never before experienced in the region. Showcasing Corporate Offices, a Lifestyle Mall, a Contemporary Piazza, a Business Hotel, Residential Suites and a host of other matured amenities, the development is set to define style and innovation around the business and leisure landscape in Nairobi.

Arboretum Square

We set out to develop the brand and placemaking strategy for the development – a new concept in living, recreation and work. It features sustainability and grand spaces both indoors and outdoors, while seamlessly harmonising structure and environment in a serene and laid-back atmosphere.


Our brand identity was inspired by the architectural arrangement of the master-plan.


Brand extension concepts were explored to develop design systems for future signage and wayfinding.

Positioning Strategy

A refined balance of community and commercial expectations was key to the project’s success, offering an unobtrusive blend of business, lifestyle and recreation – all key in building a timeless and beneficial space to the wider Nairobi population.



We developed the narrative for the development, and worked with global partners to showcase the development’s key features and attractions in a video fly-through.