Zuku Website

Zuku Websites

Throughout the 3 years we worked with Zuku, a few website versions and mini-sites were developed.

We launched Zuku with a campaign fueled by creating curiosity, and was based on generating interest in the brand. The Zuku website was the perfect place to tell Kenya about Zuku and what was on offer, as well as point users to the campaign's online viral ads.


Zuku's 2008 website

Zuku's 2008 website

The broadband packages

The broadband packages, fittingly presented by the geekiest geek we could find.

Once the billboards went up, the spike in traffic to the website was pretty clear, and we were happy to see the first result of the launch campaign.

User traffic analysis

User traffic analysis on Google Analytics, showing the spike in site traffic at launch.


2009 Mini-site

During the "Internet Wars" of 2009, every company was trying to sign as many clients as they could to their services. Competition was fierce, and unfortunately, many campaign messages were not factual and misleading.

In an effort to clarify Zuku's Broadband product offering, as well as sign on more clients, we embarked on a price cut campaign, with spot-activations at malls, internet ads, and mainstream outdoor advertising.

Zuku had the advantage of offering Unlimited Broadband (compared to capped bandwidth offered by competing companies). The big idea was to show prospective customers what package would be best suited for them based on their surfing habits, plus we included a live comparison to what they'd be paying for had they chosen competitor's products based on those same surfing habits. Zuku won hands down.

half price campaign

Spot-comparison tool showing competitor packages

Spot-comparison tool showing competitor packages (Green & Yellow) vs Zuku Broadband packages based on inputed surfing habits.



2010 - Full Triple Play Website

One year later, the construction of the first phase of the triple-play network was almost complete, and we were ready to extend the brand's new visual feel to match the new space-age products on offer.

This new look was launched into galactic cyberspace with a brand spankin' new space-age website…. wooohoooo!

fibre home page

fibre packages page

An interesting challenge was to separate the various products available in different cities and neighbourhoods throughout Kenya.

To manage expectations & filter users geographically, the entire site architecture was designed around this, ensuring folks covered by the available networks had access to the right packages.

In addition, a hybrid GIS map was built to show the various networks and the extent of their coverage.

Developed using the Google Maps API, this module overlaid updated coverage maps of available services.

Developed using the Google Maps API, this module overlaid updated coverage maps of available services.

Once a user's geo-location was set, next came the product pages.

Broadband packages

Broadband packages

Cable TV packages

Cable TV Packages

The Super-Duper Bundle Module

Clients had 3 Broadband and 6 TV package to choose from, each at different prices, and with different equipment. We wanted to simplify this pricing and discount matrix, and encourage bundling combos. To clarify pricing & equipment combinations, we built a customized bundling module using Flash technology.

The automated package bundling module

ZukuBiz Mini-Site

A minisite was also developed specifically for the ZukuBiz product set, targeted purely at corporates & SMEs.

The ZukuBiz minisite.