Zuku Triple Play Campaign

Zuku Triple Play Campaign

So, we're sitting there minding our own business, sharpening pencils… you know, and in comes a call from Wananchi Group. We scurry on over for a meeting thinking it's just business as usual. It turned out to be the best news of the year. FIBRE has landed! Zuku would be the first to offer true broadband service with VOIP and TV, true triple play to the letter.

On the way back to our office we couldn't contain our excitement. One of us must have been super hungry. We heard "It's high in fibre!" from the back seat— and that was it, the campaign was born. 

Instead of distributing flyers or other traditional handouts that would just get lost or thrown away, we decided to give a cereal box. It would be intriguing and much easier to accept. We made the contents and packaging informative and engaging. Zuku Fibre is a home product, the box contained something for everyone. Our client loved the concept!

cereal box art

We designed the cereal box to be 4 times smaller than the regular store bought size. This way it was easier for the sales team to carry them around and hand out. It also made it look like a free sample of something edible, no one says no to food — at least not at ARK!

cereal box rendering

It's a home product, it's a family product, and Zuku brings the fun home for the whole family. The cereal box has more shelf life than typical flyers.

To engage the parents and adults in the household, the front and sides of the box has quick information about the new offering. An overview on the three services and the family benefits under Nutritional Information. Inside the box is a booklet with additional information on the available packages and the cost, a fridge magnet with Zuku's sales number, and a 1Gb flash disk and keychain.

box detail and some contents

On the left is one side of the box, to the right are some of the contents of the box - a fridge magnet and flash disk.

triple play booklet spreads

A few spreads from the Zuku Triple Play Booklet.

triple play booklet spreads 2

To engage the children, we included sheets of origami paper in the three Zuku colours, with instructions for creating exciting shapes printed on the box. A chatterbox and three Zuku-branded balloons were also included.

more cereal box contents

Origami paper, and a chatterbox that would reveal the various tripl-play bundles when moved.

This box and the items in it are intended to create a presence of the brand in the home after the sales guy has gone. The more time the target audience spends with the Zuku brand, the more receptive to it they become.

A Brand New Look

In addition to the new fibre bundles, Zuku was also upgrading their equipment, including the addition HD decoder for their TV service. Everything would now be super fast, high tech with great clarity. No more buffering, no more noise. Zuku was entering the space age. It was time for the brand to take on a new face.

promotion poster

The triple play poster, for use on notice boards in apartment  buildings and estates

We upgraded the branding from the sky background to outer space and light streaks. The pods went from glossy plastic to translucent crystal. Our intention with the visual upgrade was to position Zuku as an accessible but premium product 

A5 promotional flyer

The A5 flyer, front and back. Used as a hand out at activated area's shopping centers by the sales teams. Front has an area for each sales person to fill in their direct contact information — more personal as they're already met with the person they would call for further  information. Back side has chart of all the available packages.

The Strategy

The release of the new Zuku fibre connection was going to happen in phases. The communication had to be geocentric to target only those who would have immediate access. We had already learned the benefits of this from previous Zuku campaigns. So no TV or radio ads.

The sales team used the cereal boxes to pre-sell the zones that were ready for activation and gather data from those who were interested ahead of time. The main message was simply "Zuku Fibre is here!" — we are right here where you are, so you can start getting better service today!

We also targeted the commuters in those areas with road signs

road sign photo

road side ads

Activation tents were set up in the area's shopping centers to target those who were shopping and not at home. But because some of the shoppers may be from other locations that were not ready for activation, we created the How Zuku Works Pamphlet to clarify and manage expectations. It was also used with property owners to explain the installation process. 

activation process flyer

At the top is the full pamphlet spread, bottom left and right are close-ups of sections

The signup forms were redesigned to accommodate the new offerings

sign up form

Once a node activation was complete, the installation team would place signs outside the resident's home (with permission) to inform the neighbours. 

"Zuku is here!"gate sign

We also created door hangers in case people were not home for scheduled installations.

technician door hanger

Technician doorhanger