Standard Chartered United Millers Congratulatory Ad

Standard Chartered United Millers Congratulatory Ad

Having a good personal relationship means looking out for each others' interests. And remembering important days like birthdays and anniversaries. It's no different in business. Standard Chartered's relationship with United Millers is a valued one and when United Millers were launching some new products and celebrating over thirty years of existence, we were called to do a congratulatory ad.

Creating the ad

A relationship of this nature merits more than a simple congrats ad. We presented several ideas, all of which required photography.

found photo online

Because time was tight, we consulted Getty Images for the image we had in the approved ad. We called their Dubai office who directed us to Gallo Images in Jo'burg. The quote they gave us was shared with client and upon approval, we went ahead and purchased the image. The ad was done, sent to client, signed off and sent to the Nation newspaper, all within 7 hours.

Sharp bike brakes

As we were cycling out of the office that evening, the client called us in a bit of a panic. Nation had reserved a half-page vertical layout instead of the landscape orientation we'd designed the ad in. If the ad wasn't done to their specs, there would be no ad in the following day's paper. We quickly rode back, and with our helmets still on our heads, resized the ad layouts. Next morning's paper:

the printed ad