Standard Chartered 100 Years Brand Identity

Standard Chartered 100 Years Brand Identity

In early 2010, we were approached by the Standard Chartered Bank Corporate Affairs Office to submit a proposal for their 100 year celebration in 2011. Their first branch in Kenya was opened on the 11th of January in 1911.

Identity Design

One of the required items was a 100 year celebration mark that would be used on all their printed materials for 2011.

Standard Chartered is a global brand, they already have very extensive guidelines that are used in 69 countries around the world. Once we were awarded the contract, we spent a considerable amount of time studying those guidelines to ensure that we produced a mark that was in keeping their brand.

This was a different approach for us, as we usually get to create and define the brand guidelines for others. It was a welcomed and refreshing change. We liaised with their global brand management team, and after a few drafts, settled on this mark.

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya 100 Years celebration logo

It was well received. In keeping with their brand but also adaptable for various campaigns through the celebrations year.

100 years brand extensions

Once the mark was finalized, we produced comprehensive usage guidelines for their printed materials

logo page from the brand guide

colour guide for 100 years celebration logo

Extensive guidelines that covered all the consumer forms  and documents were also created.

placement guidelines from brand book for forms and other front facing documents