Ridgeback Website

Ridgeback Website

Alongside a high-level lookbook and a brand usage manual, we developed a website for Ridgeback that was on brand and navigated all the nuances and sensitivities of their industry with confidence.

Ridgeback offer a high-level security product that is unparalleled in the market. They needed a website that would portray the innovative and distinctive security solutions that their services provided.

Full Range of Services

For this project we used our full digital toolkit with design, copy writing, information architecture and photography employed to communicate the themes of security, protection and assurance.

Colour in Navigation

The site navigation was designed to allow quick and easy access to detailed information for different audiences through the use of audience specific navigation tools. Ridgeback's main services (protect, advise and train) were colour coded  therefore branding each of the services with its respective colour. These colours were extended from the Ridgeback logo.


One of the key positioning attributes of Ridgeback is that they are based in Africa. So it was important that Africa was clearly represented in the imagery used. The use of large images in natural lighting showed both Africa and Ridgeback at their best, reaffirming their positioning using African imagery.

It goes without saying that the company name called for some attractive models in the form of two African Rhodesian Ridgeback hounds, and they proved to be naturals in front of the camera.