Pivot Conference Brand Identity

Pivot Conference Brand Identity

An initiative of the m:lab, Pivot25 is a mobile development conference that had it's first event in June 2011. It will be an annual event bringing together the East African community of mobile developers and entrepreneurs to share, hear and be heard.

The Identity

We were approached by the chaps at m:lab to develop a name and identity for the annual conference. They were very clear that it shouldn't be boring.


Finding the right name was the most challenging of the tasks. After going through 33 different ideas we settled on "Pivot."  It inhabited two ideas that we thought were key to the event. The first is convergence — of ideas and resources in one place, which was the main reason for the event. The second was leverage — this conference is a place for people with ideas to find the keys that would propel them to the next level.

Pivot logo

The angular speech bubble refers to the intended atmosphere — one of conversation. A place for starting and continuing conversations.
The number 25 would represent the number of finalists for the 2011 event. As the event grows this number would increase.

Brand colours

Why orange? Well, there was some freshly squeezed orange juice in the office. It seemed appropriate for a conference that would host 25 of the freshest ideas in the mobile development industry in East Africa! 

Pivot brand colours

Brand extension

We wanted a pattern that would be used as a memorable iconic visual device that can continue to morph in subsequent events, to grow with the programme. While talking to the chaps at m:lab, they said noted that they were looking for innovation, as a criteria for pre-qualifying the contestants. Seems like a rather obvious quality to look for in a tech based competitions - but it sparked an idea.

To us, innovation is not about newness necessarily. "There is nothing new under the sun" as we often hear it being said. To some it's the same old "stuff," but with the right vision, that "stuff" is a goldmine.

So, we'd be looking at the same "old stuff", but combined in a different way to discover something innovative. With that concept in mind we worked with the conversation box  to develop a pattern. This was the result we liked the most. It has energy, a point of convergence and a sense of exponential growth.

pivot brand extension graphics

Pattern development

Pivot pattern

The circular formations were them layered and repeated.

Pivot name tags for the evening events

The event is about starting conversations, we suggested that the name cards for the more casual events in the evenings could be less formal.

Pivot press wall for events

Presswall for events.