Pete's Coffee Brand Identity

Pete's Coffee Brand Identity

If coffee is not your friend in the morning then you haven’t had good coffee; and by good coffee we mean Pete’s Coffee. Having had a home at the iHub for the last year, Peter Owiti is ready to expand his territory.

He already had logo that he liked well enough when he came to us, but as he told us his vision we knew it was much bigger. His logo needed a lift.

First, the colours

It was logical that the colours would borrow from the iHub identity because of the location, but in order to break out as a stand-alone coffee house (and it’s really good coffee!), we felt it was necessary to update the colours. We studied the colour range in the local coffee market and designed a colour combination that still said coffee without looking like everyone else. Teal, Sun-kissed yellow and Manyatta Clay. It’s unique for this market, bright, young and very coffee. 

Pete's Coffee colours

Old colours on the left, new colours on the right

Then, the mark

We knew from the onset that it would be hard for Pete to part with his mark, so we gave it a face-lift instead. One of the exciting things about getting a latte or cappuccino is you never know what it’s going to look like. Latte/cappuccino art is an area that hadn’t really been exploited in this market.

Pete's Coffee sketching the logo

Latte art for the mark

We toyed with the idea for a little be and found these "milky-way" swirls to be adaptable & expandable, great for numerous applications in future. Pete loved it!

Pete's Coffee final logo

The main identity and latte art motif

fonts page from Pete's Coffee brand book

Font page from the brand guide

Pete's Coffee branded aprons

These "milky-way" swirls are adaptable & have numerous applications. Easily & beautifully expandable to packaging, stationery, signage & other brand visuals. In addition, more latte art formations can be created as supporting art.


In order to incorporate the strap line we created alternate arrangements for the identity.

Pete's Coffee logo with strapline

Left: alternate arrangements. Right: closeup of icon.