Out Of Africa Print Advertising

Out Of Africa Print Advertising

Grown in the rich organic soils of Kenya's highlands, Out of Africa coffees, teas and nuts are some of the finest in the world, an African pride we can all be proud of.

Even though they move fast off the shelves in Europe and Asia, we needed to develop advertising that maintained top-of-mind awareness throughout the region.

The Idea

Simply use Out of Africa products to make the map of Africa. Easy to say, hard to do. 

The latest in cotton bud technology.

They do grow cashew nuts in Madagascar, but they don't come near what we have in Kenya.

After getting the lighting just right and with some work in post, the ad run in Kenya Airways' inflight magazine, Msafiri.

After a few months, we got out our macro lenses to shoot for the second ad, which also ran in Msafiri.