Nitume Brand Identity

Nitume Brand Identity

Nitume is a fresh young courier company new to to the industry. the market has been flooded with courier companies which were differentiated by levels of disappointment (we had actually been using this to tell which company from which) and not by brand presence, and this is what we wanted to avoid for nitume.

A Unique identity with great visibility was what we had to create.

The Guy

The word courier pops up the image of a guy with a parcel . We used this as the basis of the identity. After a few sketches, Mr Mbio was visualized.

We now had our main logo symbol. Next up were the supporting graphics to compliment him. For this we used two alternating yellow solid block lines angled at 60º to create a highly visibly background for the brand, especially designed to stand out on delivery vehicles.

Combining the two elements produced great results:

The Typeface

For the fonts, we used a modified version of Corbel Bold as the basis of the main word mark, and Oceania for the supportive copy to be used in stationery and marketing materials.