Kenya Nut Company Website

Kenya Nut Website

As part of building the Kenya Nut Company's 360° brand communication assets, we put together a website to showcase the delicacies on offer.

Site Shell

The Kenya Nut Company is one of the leading macadamia nut processors worldwide. Its premium quality nuts are much sought after by large-scale European markets.

The site structure was designed to present all information in a clear & concise manner. Emphasis on the meticulous processes undergone from farm to packaging was made, to clearly communicate the quality aspects at every stage of production.

Images for the website had to clearly portray the various stages of production, so we were delighted at the opportunity to head up to the farms and factories to photograph (and sample) the delicacies for ourselves.



The Kenya Nut Company takes extraordinary care and detail in its production processes and food quality. We felt it would be fitting to accord the brand identity the same attention, and add some dynamic animation to the logo. The idea was simple; make the tree's leaves blow naturally in the wind. Actualizing this wasn't going to be that simple...

Our in-house programming gurus developed this script to simulate the effect of leaves being randomly blown by a "natural breeze".


The result blew our minds, naturally.


On Brand

Further documents and downloads available from within the site were designed to the pre-defined brand specifications.