Kaveke Brand Identity banner

Kaveke Brand Identity

Kaveke is… Kaveke. The Queen's Oxford linguists are yet to invent an adjective to describe him. Last we checked, he has long, thin dreadlocks and loves to laughs as much as he pushes fashion boundaries.

He's good at rolling stuff, especially fabric and like us, loves to cycle. Kaveke is one of those guys we're proud to be associated with. He's up there together with the chapos lady, but for a different reason. 

Kaveke was relaunching his brand and called us to help him with identity for what was also to be his first solo show. He came up with the name, naturally, and we breathed life into it.

Leather was big on this night and so we used its texture for the day's brochure...


…and event program.

'Kaveke Reincarnated' was held at Nairobi's National Museum.

Backdrop for the Stage