Infinet Launch Campaign

Infinet Launch Campaign

In 2008, connecting to the internet involved having cables plugged into your computer which was cumbersome and restricting. Mobile phone company Safaricom had just introduced a portable internet modem. Its high price though kept portable internet away from the majority. The technology used also restricted access to the internet when one was on the move. Africa Online saw a gap, jumped in and pulled us along for the ride.

The Campaign

Once fastened in, we proceeded to rebrand the service and develop a campaign. Internet on the go! Infinet was anywhere you were. In your garden, in your office, in your car... Accessibility was the main message of the campaign.

Internet. Everywhere.

Many people in the target audience already had Internet connectivity at work. This meant that we didn't have to reintroduce the Internet to them, but sell the joy of being connected to the Internet wherever they were. 

We took this further and developed customized executions of the urban signs based on the location where they were to appear.

Yes, we rode the Obama wave too. This one was a big hit in Kisumu, President Obama's ancestral home.

Newspaper Strip Ads

A series of strip ads placed at the bottom of the dalies' front pages were created. Placement in the newspapers was pre determined by the message being sold, like immediate scores in the sports section and the latest news in the general news section.