Infinet Brand Identity

Infinet Brand Identity

Africa Online was started in 1994 and was Kenya's first ISP. Growth over the years saw it attract more corporate clients while the competition ate up its share of domestic clients. Infinet was based on portable iBurst technology, and was launched to recoup AFOL's domestic market share. At about this time, we received a 23kb email inviting us to a pitch for the Infinet launch campaign.

Creating the Identity

After celebrating winning the pitch over some hot pies, we found some work had been done by a Nairobi design shop on the Infinet identity.
We advocate for recycling, but not this kind. We wiped the slate clean and gave the brand a fresh look.
Our key stylistic device played on the infinity symbol. We then picked a typeface that had a visually bold presence, yet approachable look. Being a san serif meant legibility would be good, even from a distance when used in outdoor advertising.

Infinet main identity

We then differentiated the various internet subscription packages using color.

Infinet product marks


In partnership with Jim Chuchu, we chose to go with the candid look for the imagery and shot on location, instead of in a studio in front of a green screen. Your average young Kenyan - not professional models - were used to take authenticity a notch higher. 

Couple surfing the internet while enjoying the great outdoors

Child surfing the net on a laptop

young fellow surfing the net on his laptop overlooking the rift valley


Packaging was developed for the modems, as well as top-up card designs. These were also used in Ghana and Tanzania where the Infinet brand was marketed.

Infinet broduct box

Top-up  cards for Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania

Top-up  cards for Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania