Google Maps Campaign

Google Maps Campaign

In Early 2010, Google Kenya approached us to come up with some unusual ways to promote and educate the public on one of their products; Google Maps.

Google Kenya had been around for a while and were looking to spread their reach in the market with the maps service. They were also looking for a local agency to handle localized campaigns for their products. We were happy to take a swing at it!

We had very little time, the campaign had to launch within 48 hours. They already had a plan targeting the youth on campus grounds. What they needed from us was a campaign to target the general public - we had to think fast.

We had our meeting with them in the morning, by mid afternoon we had executed some ideas, and here is what we sent to them


We spent a bit of time playing with the mobile maps app, searching for locations, getting directions and we were impressed with the number of locations were already marked, from government buildings to businesses, bank locations, restaurants. It's very comprehensive.

So for the print ads, we wanted to target the regular things that people look for, a mechanic, a place to eat lunch and so forth. This way the ads would also serve to inform the public of the wealth of information that is available in the maps.

print ad 1

Print ad 2


A radio campaign would be the most far reaching. It also needed to be captivating with a bit of humor. We thought about the different times that we've either received directions or given directions to others and the confusion that followed. We narrowed it down to the humorous cultural distinctions that would resonate with the public. We popped into our in-house studio, did the VOs ourselves, and within a few minutes, had these ads ready:

Matatu Routes

Matatus being the only public transport system available within the city makes their routes important information for the public. At the time there was no way to know the routes other than to ask other people and learn as you go.

Google Maps being so easily accessible on mobile phones would be the best hub for this kind of information. We suggested mapping all the matatu routes and make them available as a special feature on the mobile app.

They could then collaborate with the Matatu Welfare Association and the Matatu Owners Association to run a campaign to promote the availability of route information in Google Maps. Part of the campaign would use the matatu signs to pint to Google maps by creating branded signs.

Route sign for the Matatus to be used during the campaign

Route sign for the Matatus to be used during the campaign

Signs for use at the terminals

Signs for use at the terminals