Equity Bank EquiLoan

Equity Bank EquiLoan

There are a few things in your life with your name on them, but because the boss won't pay you what you deserve, you need to get an Equiloan to get the ones you really want. Things like the S-Works Enduro Carbon mountain bike which, has been a desktop wallpaper at ARK for a while now.

For the majority though, it is a home. Or a car. And with Equity Bank giving up to 2 million bob unsecured, getting to own what had your name on it was a possibility.

After failing to convince client that many people wanted the S-Works MTB as well, we presented the two concepts below. 

They loved the idea but challenged us to take it further and make it even simpler. 

We went back to the office, put our heads together and found creative way to illustrate a before and after scenario.

"Left before, right after"

There were celebrations from the client side at the presentation, but no offers for an S-Works.

We called on our pal Jim Chuchu to do the casting and photography and as usual, he was on point. A couple of Photoshop hours later…

Unfortunately, these works never saw the light of day, as the Equiloan product was shelved. Sadly, that would mean no S-Works bike for us.