Connie Aluoch Brand Identity

Connie Aluoch Brand Identity

Connie walked into our office and the usual office buzz came to a quick silence. Work stopped. We admired. She introduced herself, we each fought to shake her hand first... and longest. Once she got her hand back, Connie briefed us on the identity she wanted us to create.

After she left, we arm-wrestled on who would work on the project. An uneven playing field and the lack of an honest referee changed the battle ground to Illustrator. A few hours later, the idea behind Connie's brand identity was born. 

The Identity

The identity was inspired by Connie's personality and style. Apart from being the finest fashion stylist regionally, she is boldly - and baldly - African. We initialized her names using simple, elegant curves that spoke fashion in their striking similarity with choice fashion accessories. 

the mark

The mark

Conni Aluach identity

We settled on a elegant line font for its consistent weight - or lack of it - and airy feel, but tweaked it a little, just like any fashionista would.

Connie Aluoch business cards

Business Card

Connie treated us to her beaming smile which lit up our office, and crowned it with a blown kiss that sliced her invoice by half.