Bonk Kenya Cinema Guide

Bonk Cinema Guide

Sometimes, it's the simplest projects that are the most useful.

First Act

We were out one evening catching up with our good friends at Bonk, and thought of heading to the big screen to catch a movie. With no newspaper in sight, we had no way of knowing what was showing. This sparked an idea, why not set up a website where anyone would be able to find out what's showing in Nairobi and Mombasa cinemas? Bonk thought it'd be cool and offered to sponsor it… we knew that this was a long-overdue service for movie-goers in Kenya, and within a few minutes, a project was born.

Second Act

The next morning, we registered the domain, and hit the decks building a site. The idea was too keep it as simple as possible for many reasons: 
• accessible though any basic mobile browser
• quick loading times
• everything visible at one glance
• optimised data filesize to minimize internet charges for users
By lunchtime, we were done, and the site was up!

Third Act

Unfortunately, after a few years in operation, the main cinema operator NuMetro shut down their Kenya theatres after a buy-out, and Kenyans had no more big-screen options. So, we took the site down. It was great while it lasted.

The Sequel

The big-screen industry in Kenya is on the rise again. What happens to The good news is they will be back soon, only bigger and better. We're currently building iOS and Android apps that are bound to put a smile back on our cinema-buffs' faces.