BluCast Brand Identity

BluCast Brand Identity

No communication medium is constantly with us like the mobile phone. BluCast saw the opportunity to use this as an effective marketing tool and approached us to create a brand for them.

At malls, banking halls, restaurants, fuel stations and other public places, you would receive information on discounts and instant deals on offer, as well as popular games, songs and short video clips for free on your bluetooth-enabled phone.

BluCast logo


We're not sure what inspired us, but we chose the colour blue. It wasn't the natural choice for the technology. Or was it? It however had to be a bright bubbly hue to compliment the polished look we wanted to give the identity. At a time when people value their privacy and have a psychological barrier to advertising, we developed the BluCast smiley to make the service more inviting, increasing the uptake of the service.

BluCast stationery