Acorn Documentary

Acorn started off in construction management eleven years ago, delivering quality, on-time projects to their clients. Recently though, in response to the region's socio-economic trends, Acorn has ventured into investment-grade real estate development. To make key industry players and potential investors aware of their vision for the region, we were called upon to create a 5-minute documentary that would not only engage the audiences, but also leave them feeling inspired about what Acorn is doing.


We felt the story would be effectively told by three people.


The first was to be Dr David Ndii, an authority on African economics who would explain the status of the region's real estate market.


Second was to be Mutua Matheka, a Nairobi-based photographer who would share his dreams of the Nairobi he would like to see.


Third was to be Edward Kirathe, the Acorn Group CEO. There was no better person to articulate Acorn's vision and strategy.


We chose not to have a script but a synopsis, to make sure each of the people spoke from their heart to make the message as real as possible. The story was to come together at edit stage. Once the synopsis was approved, we blocked out five days of shooting in and around Nairobi.





Several days of edit and graphics later with the ocassional late night renders, here below is what we delivered to a smiling team at Acorn.