We like hot dogs.

A delicious Foodbox treat!

We truly love hot dogs, especially those that Foodbox make. And seeing that they are our clients, we enjoy a regular treat whenever there's a super-tastingly delicious new hot dog filling. Now just imagine if Ferrari were our client...


Working hard.

Deadlines: if you can't beat them, join them by playing dead. Here we explore three ways to play dead. Let us know which is your favourite.

Stashed body approach.

Chloroform technique.


Fridge now open. Deposits welcome.

After only two years of service, our little freezer suffered heat rush and died. We found it hard to let go so let it occupy valuable real estate for over a year. Well, we tossed it away yesterday and in its place brought in a bigger fridge that will be able to handle all the food you bring us. And to make sure it works, we went food shopping and stocked it. 2 minutes later, we were satisfied it can hold food and ate it (not the fridge, the food) at a banquet hosted by the brown table sitting in the middle of the office. The fridge is empty now and ready to receive your deposits.


Kitchen Duty.

A popular fridge magnet reads: 'Self-cleaning kitchen - you eat, you clean.' And since 'we weren't raised by wolves' we take turns to clean up our favourite office space making sure the kitchen is ready for the snacks you'll bring when you come calling.

Clearly, Ich wasn't raised by wolves.



The Chinese have landed.

The Chinese have camped outside our office and are keeping their huge machines quite busy.

We in return have to maneuver to get to work and while there, dust the machines more often than Apple recommend.

We're having Chinese dust for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Forest Road.



Frag Friday.

Frag Friday was born after the City Council planted trees in our football pitch.

After a long week at work, nothing strikes the spot (literally) like a Call of Duty 4 frag fest.


Full house!



Maco 2, Car 1.

Maco decided to check the integrity of his car's roof several days ago by driving it on its roof. The car failed the test and retaliated with a few bruises to its driver. It was nice seeing Maco at the office today. We've missed you bro!

Dr Ich, Maco, Jimmy G.



Happy happy birthday birthday.

Happy birthday Nduta and Wawesh.

You have not only managed to share a birthday, but an office too!

Here's wishing your birthdays fall on the same day next year.

Why are black forest cakes brown?

Hungry animals awaiting to dig in.


Why we look forward to Fridays.

It can't be the dress down because we do that every day.

It can't be a boss who's away golfing either because we have none.

So it's football at City Park.

No team jersey colours. We're all team ARK.

Fair play - we fall together.



Barbara at ARK.

We love connecting with those pushing the boundaries of creativity.

People like us who care about the work they do.

Friends who bring food to ARK when they come calling.

Creatives like Barbara who do all the above and are lots of fun to hang around.

Thanks for spending the day with us Babs.

'I promise to bring more food next time.'