The Plunge - Day Four.

The triathlon didn't happen today.

We chose a more productive team building activity - relaxation!

Napping at the beach.

Dinner ingredients.


The Plunge - Day Three!

Today's fun could be illegal in a communist republic.

We started the day with golf at Vipingo Ridge, home to undoubtedly Kenya's finest 18 holes. We also got to be the first to enjoy a meal at their new Club House!

As the sun set brilliantly, we found our way to Mombasa Go Kart for some GP karting where the aggressive nature of some people who are otherwise very calm in the office became very apparent.


The Plunge - Day Two.

Tiwi is so much fun!

Nothing beats it's white clean beaches free from beach boys and sea weed. Add great company to boot and this is definitely the best break ever!

Bugi, Aika, Makumi and Mwarv join in the fun this evening.

Njuguna on breakfast duty.



The Plunge - Day One.

We're now in Tiwi - yaaayy!

A couple of us couldn't wait for the van to come to a halt before jumping out and soaking in sun, sand and fun.

We're camped at Twiga Lodge which gives us unlimited access to some of Kenya's whitest beaches.




The Plunge.

All the loose ends have been tied up thanks to the ever resourceful Njeri.

We leave Nairobi at 5 in the am tomorrow headed for the white sandy beaches of Tiwi for some team building and relaxation.

The tentative program over the 4 days we'll be there will see us do a triathlon (swim, run, cycle), enjoy the greens at Vipingo Ridge, eat and sleep.


Shela's baby shower.

Shela our lovely and beautiful client from Zuku is about to take part in the magical event of bringing in a new life into the world. But this will be no ordinary boy. He will be the future ruler of a domain whose name is yet to be revealed.

This afternoon, we paid homage to him with gifts from afar much to the delight of his mum to be.

Son, may you return this favour when we visit you in your palatial abode a few decades from today.


2,500 grams of white chocolate.

How do 2.5 kilos of white chocolate taste like? Just like a bar, but longer. Thanks Mwarv for the treat.

The chocolate at the surgery table.

A slice here, a slice there.


Lunch from Aika.

Aika retuned to ARK from her honeymoon and brought us all lunch. She should get married again.

Thumbs up from Renee.

One piece of chicken is never enough for Ashi.


Lunch from Cucu's Chicken.

Licking fingers one one hand and the other typing this, we've just realised the social media craze can be quite beneficial. Mwarv won lunch for the whole office from @cucuschicken which got delivered today albeit a little late due to a small hitch with one of Cucu's Chicken motorbike guys. The pilau chicken and chicken liver were our favourites.

The wait comes to an end.


World Wink Day.

The day may not exist but that doesn't stop us from winking.

Small wink.

Big wink.

Rock wink.