HBD Makumi!

Makumi's been using his gray matter too much that his hair is shedding black faster than normal. The guy looks twice his age! So for his birthday, we got him something that will restore his true age.

Makumi accepting the gift from Kupungulu CEO, Allan Gichigi.


The Tour is On!

Afternoon productivity is down for the next three weeks as we follow the Tour de France.
We're all behind our buddy, Kenyan-born Brit Chris Froome, who is riding for Team Sky.
Allez Chris!

Tour de Rift

While the rest of Kenya chose to reduce the goat population over Easter, Team Inflatables chose to cycle halfway across the country - Nairobi to Iten. It was 401 kms of fun, especially for those who chose to drive.

After this, it was uphill to Iten.

Team Inflatables at Lake Nakuru National Park.


Teule 100 Cycle Classic

From coming up with the brand to race organisation, we all had fun putting together the inaugural Teule 100 road race.
And now, Allan's finally done with the edit of what he captured.



We took time to unite with other Kenyans in singing our National Anthem - all three verses - and in Swahili!

We're proudly Kenyan.


United as one.



Going green.

The time spent team building last year made us quite fond of earth's most popular vegetation.

And since playing on the green is what we hear successful people do on Friday afternoons, we decided to join them and reminisce our Vipingo Ridge moments.

Thanks Maco for bringing in the slice of green.

Makumi for birdie.



The bike rack is finally here!

The wait was a couple of months but it was well worth it.

It started with an internal competition for bike rack designs. After an afternoon judging session where the whiteboard was the podium used to sketch and explain what everyone had in mind, Ashi's design took the day.

Next step was finding a guy who could construct the lines on the whiteboard using metal. Ashi combed through many Nairobi artisans and when he finally found his guy, work commenced.

Ashi's guy finally delivered his bike rack today and heads were nodded in affirmation of the workmanship.


Silly mozzie.

Not everything red is blood you life-sucking invertebrate. Pick something you can prick you pricker!

A few seconds before being squat on the 27-inch.


Cake from iHub_

This has to be the best cake ever baked in Kenya. Seriously, it has to be. We're not too sure what we did to deserve it but thanks Erik and the team from iHub for the treat. Just let us know what we did and we'll keep doing it to get more cake.

The arrival.



The Plunge - Day Five.

It's our last day in Tiwi.

We've had so much fun and relaxation we're thinking we should do this every week. Or even have an ARK office here!

We leave Tiwi tighter, happier and fatter than when we arrived.

A harmless visitor at camp.

Last moments of relaxation.