Social Netiquette for Brands

Brands are catching on to the notion that consumers no longer want to be persuaded into purchasing purely by traditional methods of advertising, but rather want to gain value through engagement and utility. This means integrating digital strategies into overall business strategies, particularly social media. Great! But before you rush to open up a Facebook account, do the research and find out where your audience is, decide what it is that you want to achieve on social media, it just might be that Facebook isn't where you need to be. 


Koffee Trophee

This past Sunday was host to the first ever Koffee Trophee mountain bike race. It was quite the event - beautiful scenery and an ideal mountain trail that provided an engaging balance of challenge and pleasure, not forgetting a ride through the scenic coffee farms. Most importantly, the race catered to all levels of active folks, from the ilk of Safari Simbaz and Kenya Riders to juniors and amateur cyclists. All turned out and all enjoyed.


Creative Brand Engagement On April Fools'

It's April Fools' Day! Some of us got pranked by the public transport system, or rather lack of it, on our morning commute to the office, others read ridiculously unconvincing stories in the media and the rest saw great brand engagement based around this day of tomfoolery.
Brands who (yes, who - because brands have personalities) want to nail customer engagement techniques should always keep these golden nuggets of wisdom in mind:
- customers are people
- people are emotional 



With the Koneksie team in Amsterdam and the ARK team in Kenya, we sometimes need to have a virtual toast with real liquid communication. 




Logo Psychology

The process behind logo creation is often oversimplified. The most recognisable logos such as the Nike Swoosh may look simple but there's nothing simple about what goes into creating how effective they are. The most successful brands sell more than products and services they also sell the big picture behind their brands, logos should do the same.


Throwback Lupita

Back in 2008, we shot a TV ad for Zuku as part of the launch campaign.

The first assistant director was a lovely lady who was very energetic, bringing a lot of fun on set. She chatted up the cast and crew, making evryone happy as she went about her business of making sure this was a great shoot for all. And yes it was. 


Allan shortlisted for the Sony World Photography Awards!

Last October, Safaricom picked ARK's  Allan Gichigi as one of five photographers to travel the country and capture images of daily life in Kenya for its 2014 calendar. Out of 12 images selected, 5 were by Allan!


Hello Europe

We've been working on some big and exciting projects that took a few members of the ARK team to Europe last December. The first stop was the great city of Amsterdam, where we presented a much-anticipated brand strategy to our clients, Koneksie.

The Koneksie team are all-round nice guys and wonderful to work with. The innovation-led project and their infectious passion for motorcycles and creating a genuine social impact sits well with our work ethos and two-wheel culture.


Pizza on the finance guy!

We must have made the CFO happy because he just ordered pizza for the whole office! When we asked him why he was so generous, all we heard was, 'Mmmm... Mmmm... Slurp! Slurp!' as he reached for the last slice.