• Deadlines

    A neat piece on how creatives prefer to work.

  • Pivot25.

    Great teamwork on this project.

    We had a lot of fun when developing the Pivot25 brand, shooting and editing the ad.

    Find out more about the conference here.

    PIVOT25: East Africa's Biggest Mobile Tech Event from Pivot25 Conference on Vimeo.

  • Pizza.

    We love food.

    The usual suspects.

  • Me and My Bike.

    These teens inspire us.

    When they heard about the 1 Minute To Save The World film competition, they decided to shoot a short music video about what we at ARK believe is the future of human mobility. Competition judges like Frank Oz (The Muppet Show) and Bruce Parry (Tribe) gave them the nod and "Me And My Bike" won the $8,000 Passion Pictures Best Film and Artists Project Earth Youth Visions award (quite a mouthful isn't it?) Congrats to you Wafalme!

  • #KenyaFeb28

    We took time to unite with other Kenyans in singing our National Anthem - all three verses - and in Swahili!

    We're proudly Kenyan.


    United as one.