• Thumbs Up for Rupu Ads

    Every advertiser sets out to, 1) have their advert be memorable,  2) see the sales of their client's  product increase as a result of the said advertising. Question is how do you achieve this?

    Our latest TV spot was for Rupu's Green November campaign and we're glad to see that public feedback has been positive. The Green November campaign was planned to launch in time for the festive season, offering Rupu customers irresistible deals daily. Ideas were exchanged and a marketing strategy was decided upon. 

    We adopted a humorous  approach. The Rupu guy was created, a character who keeps putting himself in socially awkward yet funny situations. All because the Rupu deals are too good to resist. Wahenga walisema have fun to make fun (or in this case funny). Ok we made that up but essentially what we're saying is that you have to be authentic or else the audience will see straight through it. We had to put the Rupu character in awkward but genuine situations. 

    Billboard ad

    Day one of the shoot was at a pool location where there was an actual swimming class being conducted. There was splashing, lots of pool-water drinking and floaters (not that kind, the kind that help kids swim). While the advert did nothing to debunk the myth that black people can't swim, it did a good job of selling Rupu's deals on swimming classes in all of 16 seconds. It may not be a time challenge as steep as a 7 second Vine but it's still fairly challenging to sell yourself effectively in 16 seconds.

    A favourite with the public was the waxing ad. It was also our favourite to shoot. For some reason it's human nature that nothing is quite as hilarious as watching another person's self-inflicted schadenfreude. 

    Yes, the waxing was real.

    Blogger Moses Kemibaro declared it the "cleverest" among competitors' adverts, attributed to "slapstick humour that anyone can get…short and to the point." To our delight KOT's concurred. 

    KOT's have their say about the ads 

    Truth is there's no set formula on an advert hitting home. Sometimes adverts work and other times they are completely off the mark. In this case the audience loved it and if they're happy the client is happy, a well deserved pat on the back. 



  • Africa's Best Pizza

    WARNING! Reading this blog post may induce acute hunger.

    For the past few months, we've been working with 360 Degrees Artisan Pizza on launching what is hands-down the best authentic Neapolitan pizza experience in Kenya.

    This month, they opened their doors to Nairobi's eager pizza fans - and the vibe has been nothing short of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. We really can't get enough of it, and we're not just saying that because they're our clients - there really is nothing else like it on the Kenyan dining scene - nothing even comes close. 

    360 has set out to make the best pizzas in Africa - that should be easy, right?

    Of course, being very thorough and caring in ensuring that our client's products and brand experience are blissfully consistent, we naturally embarked on a product tasting tour. This needed a "taster extrodinaire". It didn't take long to find a victor - the most primate of primates. His bottomless pit of a stomach, yet sophisticated palate, is just what was needed for a full menu tasting. He described the pizzas as "evolutionary" - though we're pretty sure he meant revolutionary.

    We needed to make sure that the pizzas tasted just as good in the office, as they did in the restaurant.

    360 Degrees spared no expense in ensuring they present Africa's best pizzas. The oven, oh the oven! Pizza expert and chef Matthew Lyons describes the Stefano Ferraro 160 as "not only the Ferrari of ovens, but this particular one being the Enzo of them all." ...and boy is he right!

    It's a beauty.

    As we put together a case study of what's gone into getting this brand ready, we insist that you drop by 360 Degrees Artisan Pizza at ABC Place and experience this magic for yourselves.  

    Buon Appetito.

    (Note to clients: More awesome food-based projects please!)

  • #WeAreOne

  • Kenya Shilling Symbol in Monocle Magazine

    Just as we hoped, the pursuit to give our beloved shilling an identity has been garnering a lot of attention.  Feedback from KOT on #adoptbob has largely been in support of embracing the idea to take our currency to the next level. The debate even flagged up on Hacker News and the buzz was certainly engaging.

    But the pinnacle of all the traction so far has been featuring in the renowned Monocle magazine. Coverage in what we think is the coolest magazine on the planet is definitely a significant step in ushering the idea of a Kenya Shilling symbol into a reality. 

    Bob's time to shine

    This snowball can only get bigger. More about the Kenya Shilling Symbol here.

  • Get Messy to Get Creative

    Every now and then it’s good to have a spring-cleaning, get rid of all that accumulated junk, scribbled paper and even that piece of bread crust that’s been hiding behind your computer monitor since you ate that sandwich 2 weeks ago.  And that’s exactly what we decided to do this week.

    We thought it would be a great way to make room for new, fresh ideas and usher in some clean, creative energy - that’s until we came across an interesting study by the University of Minnesota, which found that a messy desk makes for a creative boost of the mind. "How?" You ask. Physiological scientist Kathleen Vohs says, "Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, which can produce fresh insights. Orderly environments, in contrast, encourage convention and playing it safe."


    Now we’ll just have to print out a copy of that study for clients when they come to visit – don’t judge us, it’s all about the creativity!