World Cup 2014 Is Here!...Almost

While we eagerly anticipate the games and connection of the office DSTV  so that we can watch the 2014 World Cup, we decided to take a look at some of the team kits.  Particularly those of the African teams. 

Cameroon's design features the Indomitable Lions in a tonal print, along with the country's silhouette, stars from the nation's flag, tribal prints and a football field

The Puma designed Ghana and Cameroon kits are awesome. Ghana's home shirt adopts the distinct West African Kente pattern which embellishes the collar and partial sleeve in red, gold and green.  We were enlightened to the fact that different Kente cloth patterns have different names and significance in meaning.

The vibrant prints and colours are a feast for the eyes. Ghana's Home and Away kits.

Design is where function and form meet beautifully, and the Kente design embodies this. Each Kente item traditionally stands as a visual representation of either history, philosophy, ethics, oral literature, religious beliefs and political thoughts.

For example, the OBI with its rich criss-crossing patterns,  is a symbol of forgiveness, conciliation, tolerance, patience and fairness. Associated with the maxim "Obi nkye obi kwan mu si". Loose translation, be forgiving when someone cuts across your path and steps on your toes, cause sooner or later you're likely to do the same to someone else. Wise words. 

The epitome of design is something that can fulfil its function, visually communicate and simultaneously appeal to the eye. Thus the successful passing on of the Kente pattern from generation to generation.

OBI Kente pattern, the patterns cut across each other's paths.

Back to the kits. They're vibrant, African, symbolistic and according to some ARK fashionistas, bang on trend. We can't wait to see them on the field