Print Lives!

World Cup 2014 is over and it certainly wasn’t disappointing. Nothing got the people going like the Brazil vs Germany match. From the aficionados, to the laggards, to those who just didn’t give a hoot about the Cup, everyone was captured, engaged and astounded. 

Seeing “1-7” on the scoreboards was bad enough, but nothing depicted the churning maelstrom of emotions like the next day’s front pages. 

Despite our little to non-existent understanding of Portuguese, Brazillian newspapers did a brilliant job of unanimously bringing home the messages of “humiliation” and “despair”. And all through the use of typography, graphics and imagery. 

We’ve picked some of our favourite front pages (below) and noted a few best practices that were employed:

• Imagery - Taking centre stage, large, hi-res & full of emotional impact, captured at the darkest hour. 
• Typography - Reflected the weight of the article. One for the history books.
• Headlines - Brief and bold statements that described the story and its emotion.
• Use of negative space - Lending a certain feeling to the images and reflecting the atmosphere as was.  

Virtually everything may have switched to online publication however, it has to be said that print still has its place. A much smaller place but nonetheless valid. Simple or complex, the way the story and graphics are designed is part of the news package as a whole. This occassion goes to show the power of visual communication is timeless. If done right, it will pull the reader in and relay the message.

Hooray, PRINT LIVES!